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The "Signature Book"

A beautiful, modern and budget-friendly photo book to display your images in a collage or showcase your favorite image on a single page.  There are many options for design and Lindsay will help you with this process.  Inside you will find hefty weight, rigid pages with two options of press paper; matte or pearl.   You will also find nicely priced album cover options to cater to your taste.  

Pricing starts at $120.

The "Signature Album"

 Offers more options for paper, printing, texturing, album covers - providing a higher end album for those who wish.  More information about the Album is found by scrolling down below the Book information.  Both the Album or Book will be designed by Lindsay and proofed by you prior to your order.  

Pricing starts at $360.

Signature Book photos
Signature Book paper types
Signature Book faux leather
Signature book cover bonded leather
Signature Book Cover linen and custom photo
Signature Books

The "Signature Album"

A high quality, stunning album with a range of choices from the paper thickness, paper type, paper quality, texturing options, album cover options.  A well made, high end album that will be gorgeous to display for years to come.  

Signature Album pictures
Signature Album
Signature Album paper textures
Signature Album Covers
Signature Album Covers distressed leather
Signature Album Covers linen
Signature Album Covers linen 2
Signature Album Cameo Covers
Signature Albums debossing
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